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case hystory commercialisti 3 def - AKOÚ | Acoustic devices

Professional Study

The choice of personalized images gives freshness and color to the professional environment. The multiple solutions installed on the ceiling, on... Read More
case hystory berealto 1 - AKOÚ | Acoustic devices


The choice of personalized images and photos give character and personality to the restaurant. The “wave” of ceiling panels drastically reduces... Read More
case hystory celsan 2 - AKOÚ | Acoustic devices


The clean design of the ceiling panels and the “lightness” of the floor divider panels give a touch of professionalism to... Read More
case hystory attico vicenza diffusori legno akou - AKOÚ | Acoustic devices

Penthouse Vicenza

The attractive design of the sound-absorbing panels and the natural wood of the speakers are combined with a modern interior design.... Read More
case hystory centro olistico pannelli - AKOÚ | Acoustic devices

Studio Olistico

The materials and color tones of the sound-absorbing panels are in perfect harmony with every single piece of furniture in the... Read More
umberto - AKOÚ | Acoustic devices

Umberto Nicolao: Listening-Discovery-Emotion

The value of spatial reconstruction Changing the room acoustics for listen much better. MORE VIDEOS Umberto Nicolao Umberto Nicolao was born... Read More
musicisti - AKOÚ | Acoustic devices

Rehearsals room

The combination of diffusion and absorption present within our products allows to improve the acoustic performance of music rooms. The material... Read More
sez. prodotti progect akou - AKOÚ | Acoustic devices

Recording / Miking

The acoustic analysis of the room and the correct application of diffusion elements and absorption elements allows to increase the quality... Read More
stand living - AKOÚ | Acoustic devices

Living spaces

The captivating design of our products becomes a furnishing element that fits with the interior design and increases its aesthetic value.... Read More